Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time Machine?

I just finished watching Ima ai ni yukimasu (Be with you). A Japan drama with 10 episodes.
Well, it was a nice story with complicated ending.
Although it might b a tearful drama, but it's quite entertain.

After watching dat drama, it soon makes me think. Is time machine really does exist?
Hm~ im wondering... if there'll be another ME out there.
Different place, different time, different age but still the same ME.
May b yes, there is. But of course i wont never ever noe. WHY!?
I cant imagine how, if someday im walk out through the town. And i find out someone with my face.
And she said , " Hi! im YOU. And you is ME."
OMG!! dat must b crazy..
But asking me wheteher i believe it or nt. Yea~ im kind a drama queen dat believe in myth like dat. Hah!

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