Monday, July 26, 2010


Last time i wrote is about one month ago.
1 month?
So many things happened in one month.
I went to Jakarta with my Mom n my sister.
We shopped a lot!!!
Well, my holiday was great.
Guess wadd?
I also visit bandung. Bandung? Such a romantic place. Especially The Valley.
It is a restaurant which provide a lots of food from some countries.
But the most great part from The valley is the view.
I can really extremely saw Bandung at night.
Can u imagine thousands of lights (may be) from top of somewhere.
Amazing? Awesome?

I also went to Rumah Mode.
It's a boutique with branded stuffs. Of course with lower price.
And i was quite interested by the food in Rumah Mode.
Food? Yaah~ always about dat thing. hohoho~

Ok then..
dat was about my holiday in Bandung.
Gotta go~
I got piano class..

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