Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Story

so much story for today.. (i mean 2nd of May)
anyway.. before i start.. im wondering... r there anybody reading tiz?? hahahaha..
ok..well,i dun care who're reading or nt.. (im still wondering,honestly!! hahaha) i'll keep writing..

Remember christine? Yea, she lost her phone (again!! n she just lost the other one last month i guess). And i saw her cried. Really!I think she's tough and cheerful. But ya noe~ everyone did cry.
May b this is just another experience for her. Remind her to b more careful next time. (cheer up,beb~~)

next story is about..
u noe wadd..
today i really understand wadd people mean by, "If it belongs to u, then it'll b yours."
I adore a clutch bag from Dorothy Perkins. N i really want to buy it last time. But i didnt. Bcuz i think, as a clutch bag it's quiet expensive. So i forgot it ald (however i keep thinking of it sometimes..hehehe..)
Then, today... i go to the shop again. Discount!!! Surprise..!!! I BUY IT~~~~
If it belongs to u, it'll be yours!!!!

Third but nt gonna b my last (i mean story of my life.. cuz i'll keep write it down.hehehe)
I met someone i've met before. But in this case, we dun knw each other.
Okay..okay.. he's cute. dat's why i remember him. hahahhahaha.. x)

sometimes we dun realize this world has changed.
bcuz we keep standing on the same land and forget dat earth keep moving every second.

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