Friday, April 23, 2010

Redang Part2

Finally i can upload my photos about my short holiday. =)

Well, 1st i was doubt about ur journey. When we reached the bus station, Omigod~~ it's a scary station. The building is so dirty, n the location is just like a parking area. But after we were in the bus, we were all relief. The seat is comfy. I saw the view by the window. Suddenly, i feel like im on the way going back my hometown. Cuz the suburb is quiet similar.
And then the bus stopped at 2am on other station. N i had my beef burger there for awhile. Then the bus keep racing. Im afraid of speed. Dat's why i cant just let myself sleep well.
Okay, the seat is comfy, but if there'll be another vacation by bus, i'll definitely say "NO"!!

We arrived at terrengganu,finally!!! Safely!!!
It was 5am, n we have to wait for the guide. When Christine call him, he said he'll fetch us at 7. So.... we have to wait for 2 hours.

Here we are. At Merang Jetty!! We were going to reach redang by boat. Aaaa~~ i really love be on the boat. I sat on the 1st line with Wiha. It's really fun. The boat was like jumping on the waves. But i enjoyed it very much. We laugh whenever the waves shake us. xD
The hotel dat we stayed is Redang Kalong. We rent the medium room. With three single beds. One bathroom (of course without bathtub..hahaha). Nt bad laa~~
I was so excited on the beach. We were run after each other. Then we buried our feet inside the sand.

Have u been snorkling? Tiz is my st time doing adventure like dat. Hhff~~ im frighten at the beginning. But then the instructor lead us to the centre. There were so many fish n coral deep inside the turquoise ocean.

As day passed, Nite come...
We were going to sleep, but then Christine asked us to go out. We were starring at the stars.
For God's sake, it's really amazing!!! The stars.. one..two..three..four.. Aaaa~ uncountable!!!
Tiz is my 1st time saw so MUCH stars on the dark sky for my whole life. I realized dat sky is so wide. It covers land and even the sea. It covers us. It covers the earth.
Thousand of stars were sparkling on us. It seems like they come closer n closer. Falling down from the sky. It was too wonderful. Unluckily, i cant capture the stars. It's too dark. N it's impossible to use flash.

The next morning, i had my 2nd snorkling. This time i really enjoy it. I can use the life mask properly. The scenery inside was awesome. So many fish swim around me. They're so cute. I saw the colourful fish, dat i never seen before. Feels like im in the aquarium.
Here, i got some pics of marine park. (Im nt the one who capture it..hehehe~~)


Big applause for Christine who was so brave to take tiz pic. *Plok!! Ploook!!

my face isnt so clear bcause of the life mask.
I wasnt too brave to put it off. Either wiha.

On the noon after we had our meals. We played hollahop! Christine play it very good. (again n again.. *Plook!! Plook!!)
After dat we decided to ride Cano (issit how to type it? Hahahaha~~i dunno)
It's like a boat, but we have to row it. Me and wiha, we both row it until ur hands damn tiring!
But it was so FUN!! Wiha keep laughing. N the boat is shaking. I asked her stop to laugh.Cuz the boat will b sinking if it were unbalanced. (However, im also laughing.. haha)
Then.. it's time for narcissism!!
Capture here.. Capture there!!!
Luv tiz part so MUCH!!! hahahaha~~
Wiha is in ACTION!!
After tired of photoshoot. We ordered the coconut. Aaaa~~ fresh!!!
Summer wouldnt b complete without coconut,rite? hahaha~~

We were at more more tea at night. We have to walk for 20 minutes to reach there. Well, Redang Kalong is so far from there. We have to walking through a shortcut jungle. It was dark n nobody there. We were walking with ur snorkling instructor. But it's still scary walking in the dark with just phone's light.

Well... dat's all about my UNFORGETTABLE HOLIDAY!!!
I'll b missing redang so MUCH for sure.. I hope i'll go there one day.
It's really an awesome place. REALLY!!!

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