Saturday, April 17, 2010

Redang Part 1

i still cant believe it. Im goin to redang with my besties.
Without parents..
feels like i wanna scream..
as u noe, it's my wish since i was in semester one.

n i hv to make sure, dat i'll b okay during there.
My daddy is overprotective father. I've explained for times just to make sure i can take care of myself.
Finally he allowed me. Hhh~~ *sigh...
It's my 1st time going somewhere with only friends.
dat'll b a special holiday for me.
unluckily Stephanie din go with us.
remember her? (see my previous post. Hehehe~~)
but i hope we'll go there one day together.
Redang is an amazing island. Although i've nt been there before. hahaha~~
but im sure bout it.
ok then, im going to pack my stuffs.
wait for my pics.. hohoho~~ xD

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