Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10 years celebration

It's been so long since i remember we made friends.
10 years over.
I was in primary school at dat time.
N she sat beside me.
We chit-chat all the day during the class.
Cheat together when we got test. (wadd a naughty student..hahahah!! usually when we forgot to study..LOL xP )
We always bought snack, n eat it when we were starving in the end of class.
I still remember we used to sing old song.
We got so many similar hobbies n interests.
We both luv COMIC especially DETECTIVE CONAN!!!!
We oso love watching DRAMA.
n the most we love is PAJAMA's PARTY..
Too much memories in ur friendship.
We just celebrated ur 10 years friendship last year.
We made a promise.
We wrote a letter n fold it in a bottle, lock it inside a box.
I keep the key. N she keep the box.
We r goin' to open it 10 years later.
Hope at at time, we still remember where we put the key n the box..
Sounds like a time capsule,huh?

But we r just best friend like common ppl hv.
We ever fought. N stop talking for a week.
but after a word "Sorry" has been sid. We'll soon chit-chat again.

Hope ur friendship will last foreva...

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